Degaussers – Total data elimination for magnetic media

A degausser uses a powerful magnetic field to completely and permanently erase all data from hard drives, tapes and other magnetic media.

Degaussing with one of our devices wipes 100% of the data, guaranteed. It’s absolutely the best way to erase end-of-life media, and it only takes a matter of seconds.

The GDPR requires you to take “reasonable” steps to protect sensitive data, but why settle for “reasonable”? Wipe out the data and the risk with a degausser.

Our partner is the leading manufacturer of data degaussers and physical hard drive destroyers which guarantee total data elimination.

Our data degaussers permanently erase data from hard drives, LTO and DLT tapes, and many other magnetic media formats. Pair with a physical destroyer to efficiently bend, break and mangle hard drives to prevent re-use.

Built with a best-in-class heavy-duty design, our equipment is suited to any environment, from the office to the battlefield.

Garner HD-2XTE

Ideal in office settings, this quiet operation desktop degausser erases high coercivity (magnetic) hard drives up to 1.25 inches in height, as well as the full range of tape cartridge media. Easy to use, simply place the media in the drawer. Closing the drawer automatically starts the degauss cycle.

Garner HD-3WXLE

The HD-3WXLE will completely and permanently erase all data contained on high-coercivity (magnetic) hard drives and tape media up to 1.7” in height. HD-3WXLE includes a SCAN-1E scanner and software package to create an audit-worthy media destruction report as you degauss.

Garner TS-1XTE

The TS-1XTE delivers maximum erasure to every area of the drive or tape, no matter how drives or tapes are oriented in the media drawer. The TS-1XTE also comes with a SCAN-1XE scanner and software package to create an audit-worthy media destruction report as you degauss.

In our modern world of GDPR compliance and daily data breaches, data destruction is about more than just securely disposing of your old hard drives. It’s about being able to prove that you’ve done it, with audit-worthy evidence. Fortunately, the IRONCLAD system provides such evidence, with erasure verification technology, reporting and photographic imaging. It’s the only audit trail you need.

Our degaussers are also compatible with optional IRONCLAD verification technology, which provides audit-worthy proof of destruction for total compliance with data handling regulations.

  • Photographic capture provides proof media was degaussed by capturing a JPG image of the hard drive immediately after degaussing.
  • Detailed reporting tracks and stores media serial numbers, user ID, witness ID, and date in a password-protected system.
  • Evidence generation export JPG images and destruction results for audit and archival purposes in PDF, CSV, and Excel formats.